Jacobs Stearman Engine Conversion Kit

Convert your stock 220 Stearman to 275 h.p.  This is the most direct path to convert your existing airplane to 275 horsepower.  Better take-off and cruise with no major weight penalty or increased fuel consumption.

     Kit includes:    

  • “0” SMOH R755-B2M engine with all the latest Air Repair, Inc. service bulletins including 1400 hr. T.B.O.
  • 2B20-15 constant speed propeller
  • New exhaust system, adapter plate, carburetor air horn, all hoses, all hardware, gauges, prop governor, throttle quadrants, and engine shock mounts.
  • Complete instruction CD, flight manual, ICA, operator’s manual, parts manual, and maintenance manual.

    Pricing applies to 220 Continental powered airplanes, in stock configuration and with the following equipment:
    • Jasco alternator
    • Airwolf oil filter
    • Bracket air filter
    • E80 type starter

AG75-2742M Stearman Tail Gear Assembly

FAA-PMA Replacement for 57593 Knuckle.
Fitted and Rigged by ARI Tailwheel Experts

$2,795.00 without wheel
$3,695.00 w/solid tailwheel

Front View

Side View

Rear View

10.00 Solid Tailwheel Assemblies


No more flat, expensive tires.

For Stearman and various other aircraft.

Landing Gear Seal Kits

Polypack Gear Seal Kits for Bendix and Haliburton Gears

AR1100 Bendix $425.00

AR2300 Haliburton $425.00