Air Repair Inc.

Air Repair, Inc. was founded in 1978 out of Greenville, MS by Peter M. Jones. Pete’s early passion for Boeing Stearman aircraft became a business of repairing and rebuilding aircraft of all kinds. In May of 1980 the business moved to Cleveland, MS where it remains.

Air Repair, Inc.’s main shop focuses on agricultural aircraft repair. Including service and maintenance of Air Tractor 502, 602, 802, Thrush, and more. The team specializes in annual and routine inspections, and major and minor airframe repairs. The engine overhaul shop oversees all things related to repair and overhaul of Jacobs and Continental radial engines; as well as the overhaul of starter/generators for ag-aircraft. The Satloc shop leads the way in GPS sales, service, and repair; keeping their customers up to date with the best-in-class features for Satloc. Air Repair, Inc. is proud to be an F.A.A. approved Avionics Repair Station.

Air Repair, Inc. has a parts inventory second to none and is a distributor for Air Tractor, Cessna, Thrush, Agrinautics, Transland (Satloc, CP Nozzles), AgPilotX, AmSafe, APS, Concorde, Stearman and L-19 parts and products, among others.

Over the years the Air Repair, Inc. team has built 145 Stearman aircraft and 19 Cessna L-19 Birddog aircraft from the ground up, as well as a host of other vintage and warbird restorations. When you visit the lobby, you can see a photo lineup of 145 Stearman and all 19 L-19 aircraft.

Air Repair, Inc. was built on a passion for aviation, and that passion continues to lead the team forward, keeping their customer’s first and providing the best service in mid-south.

Air Repair, Inc. is the FBO for Fuel at the Cleveland Municipal Airport, offering 100LL at Self-Serve and JETA at Self-Serve or Full-Service. Call 662.846.0228 for current pricing.

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