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STEARMAN MODEL 75 a brief summary


The Stearman model 75 can trace its design and heritage back to Lloyd C. Stearman, founder of the Stearman Aircraft Company, located in Venice, California, in 1926. The Stearman Aircraft Company was moved to Wichita, Kansas, in 1927. Lloyd Stearman left the Stearman Aircraft Company in California.


The first model 75, the X75 prototype, was test flown in September 1934 by Stearman Aircraft Company's chief pilot Deed Levy. From 1934 until February 1945, the Stearman Aircraft Company, by this time a division of the Boeing Aircraft Company, built a total of 8,428 model 75 airplanes in Wichita for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy for use as primary trainers. During this 11-year span more American military pilots learned to fly in the Stearman model 75 primary trainers than any other airplane. Under the U.S. government's lend-lease program, the model 75’s were also built and loaned for pilot training to the countries of Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, Paraguay, Columbia, China, Guatemala, The Dominican Republic and Canada.


The U.S. Army’s official designations for the Stearman model 75 were PT-13, PT-17, PT-18 and PT-27, while the U.S. Navy designated the model 75 as N2S-1, N2S-2, N2S-3, N2S-4 and N2S-5. The different military designations reflected different

engines installed in the model 75's (Lycoming, Continental and Jacobs), plus other minor installation changes.


While the U.S. Army first painted the model 75 blue and orange-yellow (probably the most remembered model 75 color scheme) and later used an overall aluminum color scheme, the U.S. Navy's model 75's mostly appeared in an overall color scheme of orange-yellow, with various insignias seen on the model 75 denoting changes that took place during World War II.


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